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Coco Martin’s participation at the last two editions of Lima Photo 2010 and 2011 Photo Fair consisted of a series of full body portraits entitled “Chronic Dreams”, a metaphoric series of sleepers and also fragments of The Last Supper series. It was very difficult to define them as a traditional “photographs”. Considering that all these images were made using a conventional photographic scanner, the output is absolutely photographic. But the approach and the concept is not photographic at all. It's a daring conscious thinking about what we could understand as a photograph.

These scanographies were prearranged as non-scaled fragments into a horizontal sequence with total respect to the original dimensions and then each partially naked subject was recomposed. They were motionless. A regular camera requires keeping some distance from the subject in order to be photographed as not to obstruct the lens and give way to light. A scanner, on the contrary, dismisses that focal distance and needs to be closer to the body, and the device is at the same time the "lens" and the “source of light”, a pre-condition which determines a very peculiar expression. 

Since 2010 the artist has scrutinized even more his own envision and, after performing some technical corrections, was able to create a new atmosphere and provide his photography with conceptual depth. He was able to acquire poses from classic paintings among other contemporary imaginary. The assemblage of faces, hands, feet and props, after digital manipulation appears) to be challenging and rewarding by giving 'life' to the setting. However, the chiaroscuro "flamenco" that homogenizes the scene results of the conditions of this method and his proposal. This important detail provides a pictorial quality and, after all, they are still photographs in its conceptualization. Martin's visual explorations absolutely justify the fact that he had refused to use a camera this time around for this new and stimulating art project.

Interpretation from original text from Manuel Munive, Art Curator.
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